Most Important Help for SellersRichard Romm MBA, Realtor®

Home Selling Can Be a Sport – Gear Up for the Olympics [Original Article]

When I come to the aid of a home seller, before I place their home for sale, I advise them to bring their home up to the best condition that they can. Although this can be an expense for the seller, it is important to keep the objections of potential buyers to a minimum. As the list of objections grows, the potential buyer will give more and more consideration to other better-kept homes.

What do potential home-buyers object to? The answer is anything they see that does not look right or is imperfect. This includes (1) dirt anywhere it does not belong, (2) walls that need to be re-touched with paint, (3) scratches or dents in appliances, (4) leaves or debris in the front or rear yards, (5) ground in stains or dirt anywhere, or (6) most of all – the dreaded deferred maintenance. While those who are not very good at housekeeping might keep their own home untidy or have items that do not operate as they should, these same folks seek perfection (or close to it) when they shop for their next home.

Most home shoppers can look at five, ten, twenty or more homes until they find the right one that actually pulls them in to advance from a home shopper to a home buyer. So if you are a seller, take note that you are in competition with other homes that are comparable to yours and have motivated sellers. The sellers who clean up and present their homes properly are going to be the winners in this sport. They will sell their home in the least amount of time and for the highest price.

Those sellers whose homes remain on the market for an extended period of time due to some of the aforementioned objections, will see their future plans delayed and will ultimately sell at a substantially lower price.

It is true that bringing your home to a higher standard does have a cost, but the easy things that a home-seller can do to make the home more desirable to a buyer are always worth the cost.