Sell Your Home for the Max PossibleRichard Romm MBA, Realtor®

I am a listing & marketing specialist as I advise sellers on how to bring a home up to top condition where objections are kept to a minimum.  I recommend proper staging if needed in order to impact buyers – when home-buyers see that your home is in top condition, they are less likely to submit a less than fair offer.  My marketing methods reach 1000s of the right people – i.e. agents actively working with serious buyers that need to find a home in short order.  

How I get your home sold as quickly as possible and at a top price: (1) I write captivating copy for your home that will attract buyers, (2) I remind 600+ Realty One Realtors® of your home, weekly, (3) I remind another 1,400 Realtors® of your home, (4) I communicate with all Realtors® involved in your neighborhood’s transactions within the last year, (5) I hold targeted open houses where I actually find buyers.

I focus on the proper marketing of your home, I will work on it every day, and I never forget that you as the seller, are my employer.  I am almost always available.  My phone is on from 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM, seven days a week.  Please call, text, or email me.  I am here to help you with your goals.